Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blog Resources and Other Helpful Resources

I added Flickr as my digital photo resource. I chose Flickr basically because it is the most popular digital photo resource and it is owned by Yahoo whom I have had an email account with for several years.

Flickr is easy to use and I like the various choices you can select to link your photos to your blog. I also like that you can make some photos private and some photos public. Another useful feature is that you can set how a user can use the picture (or not use the picture).

The social bookmarking resource I used is Del.icio.us. As I am reading blogs, Del.icio.us is probably the most popular social bookmarking site. Adding a site to your del.icio.us list is easy. Buttons can be installed that are added to the browser toolbar. Then you simply click on the "post to del.icio.us" button and the site is added to your "my del.icio.us" list. It was also easy to add my del.icio.us list to my blog. One thing I am still trying to figure out is how to have separate folders for sites that I want to be viewed publically and those that I want private.

Other helpful resources I added are Wisc-online (The Wisconsin Online Resource Center)it is a digital library of Web-based learning resources called “learning objects.” The learning objects are Flash presentations created by faculty in the WTCS (Wisconsin Technical College System) on a variety of topics. I use them as part of my face-to-face and blended lectures. They are also useful for online courses.

Another resource is Quia. This website gives instructors the ability to create customized activities online to supplement in-class activities.

Netsmartz was added as a resource because it has a wealth of information for parents, teachers, children and law enforcement on internet safety.

I have been using Greeneclipse's crossword puzzle application for a few years. I added it as a resource because it is easy to use and the crossword puzzles it generates can be used electronically or paper copy.

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