Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tech Form

Friday, April 28th, I attended Tech Form in Chicago. It was phenominal! I would like to personally thank David Warlick (web20warlick) for helping me set up my first blog. I would also like to thank Hall Davidson for his inspiring keynote address.

I learned so much, it was mind boggling! I am also energized to utilize the new technologies I learned in my classes. Immediately I would like to set up and use a Wiki for a class I am teaching this summer. I am going to set it up so that the students can update it after every class with lecture notes. At the end of the summer, they will have a set of notes to study from to take their final exam. Wow, how nice that's going to be!

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cscheske said...

Did you learn of any other new technologies in Chicago that we should be aware of? Nowe that we are getting back with the technology curve, it would be nice to stay with it instead of behind it!