Monday, June 26, 2006

Externship Conclusions

Now that the class is complete, would you say that you accomplished your goals? Why or why not. Comments must be at least 1 paragraph or 3 sentences or more.


Anonymous said...

this class is not complete. that is the reason why people aren't commenting on this topic. there is no one in this class that has accomplish their goals on what they are looking for. Accomplishment will come with time.
Am I right you guys. If you dont agree start the comments on this topic.
Michele Allen

Mary Cera said...

Hey Michele,
The reason why nobody is commenting on this topic yet is because some of us didn't quite finish our externship yet. We are to complete our externship then procede with this last comment.

You're Welcome!
Mary Cera

Jessica said...

First of all this Blog crap sucks. Second I agree with you cause I havent meet my clientelle goal so we only have a week left and I dont think much will change.